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Manufacture of High Quality Expansion Joints & Metal Hose


Mexico's premier manufacturer of metallic Expansion Joints and braided Hose Assemblies

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We specializes in the manufacture of high quality expansion joints and metal hose

PisaFlex specializes in the manufacture of high quality expansion joints and metal hose, insuring on time deliveries to maximize production time and reduce downtime. We are Mexico's largest Manufacturer of Expansion Joints.

Why choose Us?

Why choose Us.We are Reliable.

Experts of our engineering department turn technical innovations into products that meet quality requirements and conform to applicable standards.
For expansion joint repairs or logistics services, you can rely on the experience and skills of Pisaflex's personnel to do a professional job.

Why choose Us?

Our Commitment.High Quality Products.

Our commitment is to deliver only products that meet our high quality standards. We manufacture to meet EJMA and ASME standards.
All our welders are certified.
This is a commitment that we have maintained for more than 15 years while addressing all types of requirements from customers in Mexico, U.S.A., Canada, and others around the world.

Why choose Us?

Logistics.We ship worldwide.

Our experienced team are here to advise you on the rules, regulations and requirements of exporting to another country. We can also guide you through any documentation that may be required.
We invite you to navigate through our website letting us know, by using our contact form, if there's anything that we can do to help you.